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Rawr I'll fix this later.

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I fail at making blogs. Not that anyone really cares

So whats new? I went to the Fight To Unite tour! It was super fun<3
So here's my review and other shit that happened:

Haley Rose: I honestly do not like her. :/ I don't like her voice and shes not the best at guitar but whatever.

New Years Day: Ok, Ash Costello is AMAZING. She's so pretty and she's such a good singer. Definitely got the party started! Then after their set Jake (? I think thats his name. I dunno, the blonde guy lol) handed me his cup of fake blood and i was like lol wut? Later that night, me and my friend and the people we befriended ended up just smearing it all over each other lol

The Bunny The Bear: When they came out everyone ran foreward squishing me to death xD (I was at the barrier in the front) They were loud and fun and we all got a bear hug from the bear ^.^

William Control: I don't really remember much from his set because I was fighting to stay at the barrier lol but he was very cool and vampire-y and put a noose around his neck and handed it to someone in the crowd...big mistake lol (Don't worry, he wasn't hurt or anything)

Polkadot Cadaver: Before FTU, I had never listened to PC but now..holy shit I love them. They were amazing! The singer literately stood in front of us for like 90% of the set. He bear hugged us too ^.^

Deuce: Oh, Deuce. I love him. He was great. Nothing that really stood out about him but still. He's adorable and amazing and I love him lol

Brokencyde: I waited SO long to see BC13 live. Boy, was it worth it! Knowing all the words to the songs they sang was fun :3 Se7en kept walking toward us and getting really close, but not close enough to touch and like walked away after we all tried to touch him lol I eventually got close enough to touch him BUT THEN! there was like counter around us so it stood on it right above us and I got to HOLD HIS FUCKING HAND for like 10-15 seconds. Oh my god. I died. I freakin died. It was beautiful. Though it wasn't really a hand-hold. It was more like me grabbing his hand and refusing to let go until he walked back on stage. Then since it was 420 he was totally smoking on stage. (Yes, weed.) lol and I was like "only Se7en can get away with that"

BOTDF: Ok, holy shit. Alright. Dahvie was fucking adorable like asdfghjkl. Him playing guitar was so cute<3 I didn't get chosen to be sung to onstage by him even though I fucking was freaking out trying to get his attention. But whatever. He walked over to out side of the stage and pretended to jack off with his mic and the whole time i was like doing my grabby hands thing and it was amazing. Then, he brought out the dolphin. Oh dear. He stood on the same counter Se7en did prepairing to crowd surf but before he did I kind groped his leg lol I get very touchy at concerts... So we're trying to help him get to the middle of the crowd and he cut my friends finger with his boot and she got a big scar xD It was hilarious. So here's a fun one, so i was right at front at the barrier like I said and I was alllllllll the way on the right side. So you k now that space between the stage and the barrier? So Jayy jumped down there, starting at the left side of the crowd and was you know high fiving everyone and such so he walks all the way to the right size where I am, and stops, RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME like less than a foot away from me so like fix his pants or something so he looked up at me and I'm just standing there like :iconinloveplz:
So he looks right at me, again we were less than a foot away, shrugged and started singing RIGHT TO ME. ASDFGHJKLSHDBUIBFCIUSANUVI. He walked away and I turn around to my friend like :O OMG.
It was amazing.

After the show we talked to Dahvie. Same old-same old. I was still awkward as hell but whatever. I was so fucking tired. We got home at 2am and I just like...died.
It was so so so so so fun. I wish I could do it all again<3

So if you actually stayed and read all of this, you rock.

concerts && wizardy

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